Man brings out Soul Song

A yoga teacher chanted san san joe liu ba yao woo and within minutes his soul language emerged. He started laughing with delight, saying, “When my soul language came out, my message centre opened and expanded. I was instantly in heaven.”






Lower back pain disappears with Tao acupuncture needles

My first experience with Master Sha was on the live Saturday webcast when Master Sha offered Tao acupuncture needles for one part of the body. After the birth of my daughter I developed severe back pain and asked for a soul healing blessing for my lower back. The next morning and to date I do not have nay back pain.



Viral joint pain vanishes
I had caught a virus that caused intense joint pain and was unable to move my arms. Master Sha gave me a soul healing for the condition of joint pain and inflammation and offered me a Divine Pearl. In two days, my joint pain diminished, I could move my arms and flexibility has returned to my limbs. Within days, my pain vanished.

Passing with flying colours
My daughter was sitting for her `O’ level exams and each time she was faced with a question she didn’t know the answer to, she would chant `Master Sha give me the answer’. She passed with four A+ and one A.

Nov 25 at YB Chavan

Soul healing for sciatica

Woman with severe sciatica for two years says there was no reason for her pain. She woke up one day with intense pain and couldn’t stand up or walk. Master Sha says, “Karma is root cause for one’s success or failure in life.” She receives soul healing and Divine pearl and immediately she could walk down the stairs and touch her feet without pain.

Soul healing for woman with TB of hip
Woman with TB of hips had lost cartilege from one hip. Master Sha offered her a soul healing and soon after she could sit squat on the floor which she couldn’t do since her she lost the cartilege from her hip.

Intense healing on nov 26

Woman with chronic shoulder pain since childhood feels relief
Master Sha offers karma clearing and divine crystal pyramids to woman. She says, “While in school the other children pushed me down the stairs and since then I have been suffering from chronic pain in my shoulder and back.”
After receiving soul healing and divine treasures, her pain reduced by 78 per cent. Master Sha says, “The remaining 22 per cent is for you to offer service to humanity by chanting Love Peace and Harmony.”



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  • Dr & Master Zhi Gang Sha is a world renowed healer, soul master, divine servant, channel and vehicle.
  • #1 New York Times bestselling author and self healing pioneer.
  • Doctor of western medicine and traditional chinese medicine.
  • Grandmaster of tai chi, qi gong, kung fu, I Ching and feng shui.
  • Recipient of Martin Luther King Jr. Commemorative Award for humanitarian effort.

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"Dr. Sha's work represents a new spiritual technology in medicine, which will revolutionize medicine as much as the advent of antibiotics did half a century ago. Dr. Sha's work is the missing link in medicine that unites spiritual and physical healing."

- Walter Semkiw, MD, MPH



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