About Us

In the Twentieth Century, “mind over matter” was emphasized. In the Twenty-first Century, “soul over matter” will play the vital role in healing and transforming all life.

The Power of Soul healing system is a truly breakthrough healing system that combines 5,000-year-old wisdom of the East with the most advanced quantum and cellular theory of Western science.

“The power of soul is soul over matter, which means accessing the power of soul can heal; boost energy; stamina, vitality, and immunity; prevent sickness; rejuvenate; prolong life; and transform every aspect of life – even your relationships, business, and finances!” Dr Sha

Walter Semkiw, MD, MPH states that “Dr. Sha’s work represents a new spiritual technology in medicine, which will revolutionize medicine as much as the advent of antibiotics did half a century ago. Dr. Sha’s work is the missing link in medicine that unites spiritual and physical healing.”

You can learn how to develop and apply the Power of Soul to heal and transform all aspects of life, including pain, stress, fatigue, emotional imbalances, difficult relationships, financial issues, and spiritual blockages.

“Heal the soul first, then healing of the mind and body will follow.” – Dr. & Master Zhi Gang Sha

Use these techniques to heal yourself and you can immediately teach another how they can heal themselves!

We are delighted to welcome you to these events. In our time together, you will learn simple, joyful and effective techniques to access the power of your soul, where all true healing and life transformation occur.

We will share soul secrets, deep wisdom, knowledge and practices that you can apply to heal yourself and others and transform every aspect of your life and advance your soul journey.

“I have the power to heal myself. You have the power to heal yourself. Together we have the power to heal the world!”  – Dr. & Master Zhi Gang Sha

The Four Power Techniques® are the primary self healing tools Dr Sha teaches based on techniques from ancient Chinese healing practices, utilizing the power of body postures, sacred healing mantras, the creative visualization power of the mind, and the power of soul. Each one by itself is a treasure and highly effective; in combination, they are extraordinarily powerful.

Soul healing is based on the principle that energy and matter in the body are carriers of a “message.” Dr Sha proposes that message, spirit, or soul are all terms that can be interchangeably used. Every cell, organ and system of a body carries a “message” that influences how the transformation between energy and matter occurs on a cellular level. As Masters of the ancient healing disciplines along with medical intuitive abilities, Dr Sha and his spiritual father and mentor, Master Guo, (who is renowned in China as the one who can “cure the incurable”) discovered how the “message” of a cell or an organ or system can be transformed, and how this can affect both matter and energy blockages that are the root cause for imbalances on a cellular level. Soul Mind Body Medicine techniques work by releasing blockages on a cellular level, thus allowing energy to flow freely and restore health.

The most important power is “Soul Power”, which is the unique contribution of Dr Sha. “The power of soul is soul over matter, which means accessing the power of soul can heal; boost energy; stamina, vitality, and immunity; prevent sickness; rejuvenate; prolong life; and transform every aspect of life, your emotions – even your relationships, business, and finances!”

Say Hello Healing® is the primary Soul Power technique, directly addressing the souls of the affected organs and systems, initiating communication with love and respect, requesting co-operation and empowering self-healing with gratitude and appreciation. Another key tool for removing spiritual blockages that are the root cause for many chronic and life threatening illnesses is the Universal Meditation for Forgiveness. Dr Sha says, “Unconditional love melts all blockages. Forgiveness brings inner joy and peace; and compassion boosts one’s strength and vitality.”

“Sound Power” is the use of healing mantras and vibrational healing sounds are used as spiritual gathering tools for healing and blessing. Mantras are special sounds that stimulate cellular vibration of the body, organs and tissues. They are very effective in releasing blockages and promoting energy flow, and also connecting with the blessings that countless chantings throughout the ages have empowered them with. Dr Sha also works with specific codes that act as a key to opening soul communication channels, and to release one’s own soul language and soul song as one’s own personal mantra for healing and transformation.

“Mind Power” means using the power of the mind and the potential of the brain to further activate self-healing responses with creative visualization of light and blessings from the Divine and personal guides from the Soul World to assist in healing, activating the power of intention, and positively affirming the whole and healthy condition.

“Body Power” is the use of a few select secret ancient arts hand positions for energy development, increasing the power of internal organs, empowering the immune system and releasing energy blockages. One Hand Near, One Hand Far is one of the primary Body Power techniques facilitating accumulated energy to flow naturally from a higher-density field to a lower-density field. Healing occurs when energy blockages dissipate and energy can once again flow freely; this can also happen through soul guided movement in a spontaneous and joyful way: soul guided tapping vibrates the spaces between the cells and the organs.

These Four Power Techniques can be used effectively by anyone. Even small children and people with significant health challenges have used these four powers with great results.

You can also participate in the many free services, events and training programmes that Master Sha offers through his website www.drsha.com