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Tune in to the Abundance within you

Aligning Soul, Heart & Mind to prosperity


1st NOV TILL 11th NOV 2020 (9:30PM – 10:15PM)

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Golden Opportunity

to become

a Certified Tao Hands Practitioner


Online Interactive Webinar

Sat-Sun, 7-8 Nov 2020

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Regular Teleconference Calls

Forgiveness Practice – Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 7:00 AM

Love Meditation – Tuesday, Thursday & Friday at 8:00 PM

Heal Every Aspect of Life

Every Mon to Sat – 9:15 PM IST Indian languages – Marathi/Hindi/Telugu on FB live on Love Peace Harmony Chanting Page.

Chant with Guan Yin Lineage Holder – Tuesday and Friday at 4:00 PM

Golden Opportunity for all to LEARN and Experience for FREE The GREATEST COMPASSION MANTRA DA BEI ZHOU

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FREE- Love Peace Harmony Healing Art

“I have the power to heal myself. You have the power to heal yourself. Together we have the power to heal the world” – Dr. & Master Zhi Gang Sha.

On FreeConferenceCall Connect to sing Love Peace and Harmony, to trace Love Peace Harmony Healing Art

Mon-Fri 7:05PM-7:25PM

On ZOOMTWO powerful sessions EVERYDAY, 30 minutes each

Boost – Immunity, Energy, Stamina, Vitality.

Transform – Fear, Anxiety, Worry, Depression and more

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For details please call 9212187803

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Learn to Chant “The Greatest Compassion mantra – Da Bei Zhou.” and others…

Certification Training Program

Tao Hands Practitioner Certification Training Program


Open your Spiritual Channels and others….

Spl. Blessings Day

Guan Yin Healing Circle and others….