Soul Gym

Successful Successive Five Months

Soul Gym can bring out the best in us. It helps us build our inner strength not only physical and mental but also emotional.

In these extraordinary situations each of us require  to develop this strength. For healers, it enhances and complements our healing skills.

It will help us to:
1. Build our immunity
2. Be grounded
3. Reduce Stress
4. Bring more joy and happiness
5. Enhance our physical, mental and emotional strength
And more..

Soul Healing India offers you a golden opportunity in these difficult times to learn,  practice and develop these strengths at a very generous monthly package.

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Below are some testimonials of this ongoing event.

Tao Hands Blessing – healing power you can count on

Registered for Tao Hands Practitioner Program

“The practices have healed my anxiety that other healing modalities touched and helped with to an extent but could never address totally.” – RB

Offering healing to self and family

“I am offering regular healing to my husband, my daughter and myself for the lower three energy centers and for emotional issues. By God’s grace, I can feel a change in the overall energies at home.” -PG

Offering healing blessing to friends

“I offered Tao hand blessings to my friend for anxiety, my mother for knee and back pain, my father for knee pain. All are feeling better than previous condition. I also offered blessing myself for headache. Now a days I am feeling much better. Thank You Tao hands.” – SK

Even inanimate can be healed.

“I wish to share that I used Tao hands blessings to bless our 6 year old AC that had stopped working due to ice formation. It has been working perfectly after the blessings.” – TK

Can heal insomnia.

“I started sending blessings to my friend’s brother in law from 2nd September. He has relationship issues with his wife and also he had no job. He was not able to sleep since two years. On d 4th he texted me n said he’s able to sleep peacefully. Today he texted me that he got a job today…” – NM

Heal physical & emotional issues

“Have been offering healings for physical and emotional issues to all family members on a regular basis. Can see visible improvement.” – PG

Tao Hand blessings for Marriage Proposal

I was unable to find a suitable proposal for my daughter’s marriage for last three years. I requested my friend, Venkatesh Chitiken who is a Tao Hands Practitioner to offer blessings for my daughter’s marriage. He offered Tao Hands healing blessing to for a week, twice a day. Within a weeks’s time we found a suitable match and her marriage was fixed. – Arjun Saw from Rajgir, Bihar.

Tao Calligraphy healing art heals tooth pain magically!

 Ms. Amruta Medhi - 5 Feb 2020
Ms. Amruta Medhi – 5 Feb 2020

“I began tracing the Da Ai calligraphy and within 5-10 mins the pain vanished like a magic. Again at night while I was sleeping I got same shooting pain. Since, I was too in sleepy mode I started imagining Da Ai calligraphy before my eyes and started tracing it. Again, the pain vanished in minutes. “

The power of the Protection Package

Ek Adrushya Suraksha Kavach

Sampat Chikiten shares his life saving experience.

Santosh Chitiken
Santosh Chitiken

“Four times I had accident in just one hour still I am fine it is only because of all blessings and Master Sha Blessings and the love and blessings of Divine, Tao and the source.”

Love Peace Harmony – One song can heal the world.

2nd Feb 2020

Druvin, a student Pawar High School, Bhandup, studying in class V has been attending the Love Peace Harmony sessions since June 2019. Today when he went for his exam he was unable to recollect what he had studied. He remembered of the teaching to chant love peace harmony to seek blessings. As he sang that song he was able to recollect everything for his exam.

“Forgiveness Brings Inner Joy & Inner Peace” – Dr. & Master Zhi Gang Sha

Transformed stock market trading addiction.
Transformed stock market trading addiction.

– Krishnanand ji Feb 2020