Tao Calligraphy healing art heals tooth pain magically!

Ms. Amruta Medhi – 5 Feb 2020

“Yesterday evening suddenly I started having terrible toothache without any reason. Within minutes with no earlier ever symptoms my entire gum cheeks area started paining badly. I almost started shouting in that immense pain. Luckily, Sachin (my husband) came and gave me a paracetamol. I started offering Tao Hands to myself but hardly could concentrate because of the immense pain. Sachin also gave me the Da Ai book and he too started offering Tao hands to me. I began tracing the Da Ai calligraphy and within 5-10 mins the pain vanished like a magic.

Generally, even if there is pain it’s starts decreasing slowly but yesterday it miraculously just disappeared. I was in awe to think what was happening to me minutes ago got disappeared. Again at night while I was sleeping I got same shooting pain. Since, I was too in sleepy mode I started imagining da Ai calligraphy before my eyes and started tracing it. Again, the pain vanished in minutes. I have been long since been tracing da Ai now and then for past two years. And this could be one reason that I know that calligraphy so well that I can even see with closed eyes. Thank u Master Sha… your art of healing is so wonderful and we feel immensely blessed to have learnt. Everytime I experience such miracles, I simple bow down to heavens for giving me that soulful connection in this lifetime. Countless bow downs heavens and Master Sha.”

Divine Protection Package – Ek Adrushya Suraksha Kavach

22 Nov 2019

I am Santosh Chitiken , a Tao Hands Practitioner from Bhiwandi near Mumbai, India.
In January 2019, as a part of the Tao Hands Practitioner Transmission I received a Divine Protection Package too & I experienced it’s power.

I would like to share today’s incident(22nd Nov 2019) around 7 o clock I was driving on my two wheeler bike I took wrong side turn suddenly my bike fell under ST bus and my bike stuck in front of the Bus and it was not coming out easily and my left leg is also struck and suddenly my leg came out and my bike still under the bus and I came out from the bike and I was safe.

Today I am safe with very small injury. I think it is only because of Divine Protection Package and all the blessings of Master Sha, and Master Uma’s blessings.
After that I took a long breath and stood on foot path then unknown person riding speedily and again saved by the Almighty.
After this incident I went to fill the petrol and when returning I got a call of my friend then I took my bike to the side near to the footpath then from backside a person with bike my bike from behind yet I was safe.
After coming from that incident at the same spot where I had accident with the bus from back side auto rickshaw person had a small dash with my bike. At that moment also I am safe.
Four times I had accident in just one hour still I am fine it is only because of all blessings and Master Sha Blessings and the love and blessings of Divine, Tao and the source. Finally I am also blessed with my parents prayers.
I am extremely thankful to you Master Umaji, & Bow Down to Master Sha.
Countless bow downs.

Life is blessed being a Tao Hands Practitioner

The practices have healed my anxiety that other healing modalities touched and helped with to an extent but could never address totally.

Being a Tao Hands practitioner has changed my life in several ways. I am empowered now to change a lot of things that held me back earlier, bothered me and hence became obstacles for me, be it any emotion, or a mental state or a relationship problem with any family member or a financial issue or lack or wisdom and intelligence to handle anything and much much more. By offering myself and my family members a variety of diverse blessings, we are able to lead happier and healthier lives and pass through situations more smoothly, with greater positivity.

I’m able to lead my life with greater faith because I know I’m empowered now and there’s nothing to fear really, the heavens have my back, Master Dheeraj is always there to support you and guide you. Master Sha’s love and affection is beyond the power of words can describe and it’s because of him I can share this experience and be empowered the way I am today because he’s the source. I’ve never met him but I feel a constant connection and deeply love him.

My soul healing family members who are my soul mates whom I had the opportunity to meet at and be introduced to at all 4 days of the Tao Hands Workshop are always supporting by sending their healing and love when I’m not able to bless myself due to either being ill or being under circumstances where I can’t sit down to bless myself or a loved one and the situation is intense or urgent. By Tao Hands family members I mean all the souls who attended the same Tao Hands Workshop with me, they all feel like soulmates and family members. It’s a pleasure to meet them whenever I get a chance to either at subsequent workshops conducted by master Dheeraj or at the Yun Bao ceremonies held weekly. The connection with them is deep and I love them all. At the Tao Hands workshop there are numerous opportunities where one goes in deep conditions and is able to feel connections deeper or open their hearts to give and receive more love while stepping past all heart barriers. This is what empowered me to have such beautiful connections and it’s all because of attending the Tao Hands workshop including the empowerment to open my heart and soul to receive and give the love.

Apart from all the empowerment I’ve shared about above, I have got the opportunity to gain deeper insights into the meanings of the very profound and simple spiritual teachings many of us have always known related to karma and forgiveness and have got to gain understating and wisdom around these in a whole new way, like I had never looked at them before no matter how much I’d have felt I understood them quite properly. It’s all now settling into me like a deep wisdom which is helping me drive my life in a more open hearted and an empowered manner.

The practices have healed my anxiety that other healing modalities touched and helped with to an extent but could never address totally. I had a disability of not being able to say no earlier which also other modalities could help with only partially but this problem as been ever subsiding in my life on a much deeper and foundational level. I was aware of a lot of energies around me (I’m still aware) that made life a little less comfortable and sometimes quite uneasy and disturbing and disruptive of my normal course of life. These are healed now. It could be because of the spiritual protection package I received for sure as well as a lot of virtue I’ve been receiving while being a part of so many deep practices Tao Hands healing are introduced to and get to learn. I also offered myself Tao Hands healing for this issue and within once or twice of receiving Tao Hands blessings it was absolutely manageable. I am much more present now, I live more in the moment or say with greater totality now. This has been life transforming.

I would like to mention that during my episodes of purification that I underwent during the course of my journey after becoming a Tao Hands practitioner my Master Teacher, Master Dheeraj was always there and sent me very powerful healing blessings that made my journey of purification much smoother. This was done by him out of his open heartedness, unbounded desire and drive to support and love his spiritual children. The way master is, so open hearted and loving and always encouraging and inspiring you to make your life better, I never hesitated in contacting him when I required his guidance and support and he never failed at supporting me or guiding me as I required. I was never made to feel like I was burdening him or disturbing him when I contacted him for help, I rather felt much more inspired, supported and empowered. He has his students’ back. The journey isn’t over with the Tao Hands empowerment, maybe the journey starts there and Master is always there to support on the rest of your journey to his best. All the inspiration I’ve received from master has helped me improve the quality of my life tremendously and step beyond a lot of my other limitations. Seeing him is always very inspiring to becoming an unconditional universal servant which he will in all ways keep propelling you towards. Master has always really inspired me bohut by being who he is and how he is as well as through his words particularly addressed to me for my own good.