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Forgiveness Practice

“Forgiveness brings inner joy and inner peace.” -Dr. & Master Zhi Gang Sha.

Transformed stock market trading addiction. – Krishnanand ji Feb 2020

As per my record I have completed 90/60 forgiveness . I will try to continue as it has become part of my schedule. When I started I decided to stop trading in shares. Which I was addicted to.I was successful in keeping away from it. Overall nice feeling. Thank you, DaAi and CBD to Masters.

Income revived after 10 years – Dr. Sanjay Abnave Feb 2020

My name is Dr Sanjay, l m a doctor by profession,was out of work with zero practice since app 4 years, just by grace of Master Sha and his teaching l m feeling happy to share my experience n results of the forgiveness practice which l started doing under the guidance of our beloved Master Uma n Kaumudi.
I started doing daily 1 hour at a stretch which includes LPH song, then I recite Da Ai, then follows Da Kuan Shu, later I do tracing both calligraphy till I consume 1 hour.
The results was that, I received my 10 years old patient back for treatment n my income started, not only that l got an opportunity to work in Polland for a short period of time, I realized the power of the Divine forgiveness practice which will be continuing.
Thanks to Master Sha, Master Uma n Kaumudi, I m blessed because of them.
TY TY TY, Love you.