Tao Hands Blessings

Empower yourself and receive healing blessing to heal, transform, nourish and enrich every aspect of your life.

You can receive blessings for

  • Physical Condition – for any one part/organ/system of your body, chronic conditions and more
  • Transform and balance any one emotion of fear, anxiety, depression, grief, sadness and more
  • Harmonize Relationships
  • Finance/Business/Career
  • To improve intelligence, concentration, focus and more

Enroll yourself or your loved ones for a monthly package to empower yourself and receive the blessings.

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Receive Tao Hands Blessings to transform the negative messages in every aspect of your life.

Tao Hands is a special spiritual transmission that carries the frequency and vibration of Tao love, light and forgiveness, and more. The application of Tao Hands transforms negative information that can cause blockages in soul, heart, mind and body, and restores balance and harmony. 

These blessing can transform the negative messages in every aspect of your life. You could receive these blessing for any health condition, emotional imbalance, stress, mental health, harmonize relationships, flourish business, career and more…