Special Blessing Days


Guan Yin Healing Circle

Guan Yin, the Bodhisattva of Compassion, is revered and honored around the world for being “one who hears the cries of the world.” With the greatest compassion and mercy, she made a total commitment to end all suffering and will help anyone who calls her name.

Guan Yin learned Da Bei Zhou (the Great Compassion Mantra) from her spiritual father, Qian Guang Jing Wang (Thousand Lights Stillness King). The inexpressible power of this mantra is embodied in 88 lines, each bearing the name of a Buddha devoted to serving all souls, with each line holding unique and sacred blessings. When Guan Yin first heard Da Bei Zhou, she was so moved and overwhelmed by its enormous power and light that she made a commitment to chant it every day for all of her lifetimes. Profoundly touched by her sincerity and deep commitment, Qian Guang Jing Wang transmitted 1,000 spiritual hands and 1,000 spiritual eyes to Guan Yin. With these treasures and the Da Bei Zhou mantra, Guan Yin has served all humanity and beyond with her boundless and unending compassion and blessings. She has saved innumerable physical lives and inspired and blessed countless spiritual journeys. With great humility, Guan Yin calls herself a bodhisattva but she is a true Buddha, a totally enlightened being.

Revere Respect Honour our Gurus 

 Guru Purnima is an Indian festival dedicated to Spiritual Teachers and Gurus. This day is traditionally celebrated to pay respects to our Spiritual Teachers and Gurus and express our gratitude. The word GURU is derived from two words, GU and RU. In Sanskrit GU means darkness or ignorance, and RU denotes the remover of that darkness. Therefore, a Guru is one who removes the darkness of our ignorance. Gurus are believed by many to be the most necessary part of life.

Let us join hearts and souls together to pay our respects to our Spiritual Father of this lifetime, Master Sha. We shall use Soul Power to connect with all our teachers, chant sacred mantras, meditate & receive huge blessings from the Powerful Tao Calligraphies in the Sacred  Field and much more..

So let’s Revere, Respect and Honour all our Gurus of all Lifetimes & this Lifetime!!!